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Great Comfort in Knowing TMPA Will Stand by Its Members and Their Families

FEBRUARY 18, 2016
I am writing this letter to show and share my deepest gratitude for TMPA’S assistance through a long, tough time in my career and life. In 2013, I was working in Webster, Texas as patrol/K9 officer. I heard a man with a gun call go out in a nearby town with an understaffed police department. I responded without hesitation along with numerous other officers as we received information that the suspect was suicidal and homicidal. After arriving it was apparent the suspect wanted officers to use deadly force against him. Officers put their lives on the line by not shooting and eventually subdued the armed suspect without using deadly force. Even though deadly for was clearly warranted we were able to save a life by risking our own.
Unfortunately the story did not end there. Because the suspect sustained injury an internal affairs investigation began as usual. After being praised by the department for months, suddenly politics came into play and the investigator falsified a report and failed to do a thorough investigation. Due to the botched investigation three of the involved officers including myself were indicted for official oppression. All of us were told we should have just killed the suspect upon arrival. This was a shocking turn of events but we all remained sure we did the right thing and saved a life. Myself and the other officers contacted TMPA and were assigned representation from Gregory Cagle. Mr. Cagle immediately went to work on our case and dealing with the police department. Due to all of the issues involved with the case numerous district attorneys refused to prosecute the case and our case was put on hold for nearly two years. This took a huge toll on my career, my family, and my health. All officers involved dealt with being blasted by incorrect media reports and other personal attacks by the police department and misinformed public. As my family and I went through this incredibly stressful and trying time, we were able to stick together and keep our heads up because Mr. Cagle was keeping us informed and educating us all along. Mr. Cagle not only was excellent in dealing with all of the legal issues but he took time to speak to my family and I about how to deal with the stress of these kinds of things. Due to Mr. Cagle’s incredible amount of experience his ability to inform us was unbelievably comforting.
In August I stood trial and after days of repetitive testimony and expert testimony I was acquitted. The amount of relief felt was unimaginable when I was vindicated. What many don’t know is how awful it is to be tried in a courthouse you have filed thousands of cases in but this time a jury will decide your fate and consider punishing me for saving someone’s life. As I sat in trial with my friends and family watching in the audience I thought how much worse it would be if I did not have confidence in my legal representation. I was repeatedly amazed and impressed with Mr. Cagle’s skills in trial. This made those awful days in that courtroom just bearable, because everyday I knew Mr. Cagle was the man for the job.
Life has returned to normal and TMPA and Mr. Cagle continue to help and deal with the few lingering issues that have to be addressed with the case, but the service is just as prompt and through as the days I was in trial. TMPA, I thank you for everything that you do. I know TMPA employees and members don’t often get a thank you but without those people, my career and my family could have been torn apart. Also Mr. Cagle I cannot thank you and your colleagues enough for everything that you did. I will never be able to completely express in words my appreciation for what you did for me and what you do for police in some of the most awful times in their careers. The men and women who put on a badge take an oath and choose to go to work and uphold the law as always. But now things have changed in policing. Now those men and women not only have to go to work knowing they may not come home to their families because of a crazed criminal or deadly accident. Now police also have to wonder if they will be tried in the court of public opinion and bashed publicly for doing the right thing. With people like Mr. Cagle we will continue to do the right thing and do our jobs with confidence. Again I want to thank TMPA and Mr. Cagle because it gives us great comfort knowing that no matter how bad the circumstance is you will stand by your members and their families.

Thank you,
Colin Murphy

Gregory Cagle

Attorney at Law, P.C.

TMPA Regional Attorney